The Autonomous Non-Profit Organization "Moscow Sport" was established by a decision of Moscow City Government in July 2020. The founder functions are performed by the Moscow City Department of Sports.

The functioning purpose is to popularize and develop mass sports in Moscow.

The main functions of the ANO "Moscow sport" are:

  • Carrying out sports and mass events;

  • Development of digital services in the field of sports;

  • Promotion of sport practicing and a healthy lifestyle.

Sports are especially important in a city like Moscow where many people do not find time to take care of their health and keep themselves fit due to the high pace of life. We want to make sports accessible, interesting and attractive for each and everybody.

We are happy to see everybody interested regardless of age, occupation and values at our sports events.

Today sports have become more accessible: you can choose where and when to practice sports – online at home, in the park, in the gym or even at the stadium.

The ANO "Moscow Sport" has been created to be at the forefront of the sports life of the Capital and right now on this website you can join current projects that relate not only to sports but also affect the social sphere.

The ANO "Moscow Sport" helps citizens to keep healthy, stay fit and have a great time.