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The fourth season of the «Sports Weekend» starts on May 15!

On May 15 the fourth season of the popular project "Sports Weekend" starts, which this time will last for almost 5 months. In the fourth season, the project will return to the parks of Moscow, and participants will be able to meet their favorite coaches live. At the same time training sessions will be held on the YouTube channel as in the previous two seasons.

The "Sports Weekend" is a joint project of the Moscow City Department of Sports and the Сenters for Public Services "My documents". Due to the difficult epidemiological situation the previous two seasons were held online. Sports fans trained with professional coaches on a YouTube channel or individually using Zoom.

Very soon, on May 15, the "Sports Weekend" returns to the "open air". Coaches, as before, will meet with everyone who wants to keep themselves in good shape in 15 parks of Moscow free of charge. During the fourth season of the project, it is planned to conduct 1980 trainings in online and offline formats in total.

Classes will be held in disciplines that have already gained popularity among the project participants: Pilates, workout, yoga, zumba, Nordic walking, functional training. There is also a new discipline called “street stretching”. It is assumed that in 5 months of street stretching training residents of the Capital will become 50-70% more flexible.

The proven tradition of participation of famous athletes, artists and TV presenters in the training will continue in the fourth season of the "Sports Weekend". Moreover, the organizers plan to conduct trainings with the participation of star guests in the most unexpected and picturesque locations of Moscow. The number of participants of such trainings will be limited, but access to registration will be free.      

You can follow the news of the "Sports Weekend" on the website . 22 hot sports weekends and a lot of interesting are awaiting you!