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MarSpo Awards 2021

The MarSpo Awards is a professional award for Sports Clubs, Federations, Leagues, Brands and Agencies that use sports marketing tools most effectively in their business function.

For several years the organizers of the Award have been working with Russian and foreign sport communities in order to draw attention of the audience to significant and interesting sports marketing projects.

The MarSpo Conference covers current challengers and does the case study of the sports industry. Attention is paid to all projects, regardless of whether they are represented by large Moscow or small regional organizations. The main thing is the content and the implementation of the project.

ANO "Moscow Sport" submitted two applications for the Award: projects "Sports Weekend" and "Show within 60 seconds", which were included in the shortlist of the award in three categories.


According to the results of the Jury work, the project "Show within 60 seconds" took the honorable third place in the nomination "The Best DIGITAL Project", within which Moscow outdoor sports grounds are equipped with signs with QR codes. If you scan the code with your smartphone, you can see a short video from a professional coach with a demonstration of an exercise, which will allow you to do sports without any harm to your body.

In the nomination “The Best Marketing Project in the Field of Popularization of Sports and a Healthy Lifestyle. Non-playing sports” a silver prize was won by the project "Sports Weekend", the fourth season of which started recently. Thanks to it, all residents of our capital can go in for sports in the City parks for free under the guidance of professional coaches. Yoga, pilates, workout, Nordic walking and many other fashionable sports have become available to Muscovites. In just a year a competent marketing strategy helped to make this unique project popular among the citizens. Its implementation takes place with the active participation of the centers for public services "My documents".


In addition "Sports Weekend" was presented in the nomination "The Best Advertising and Image Promo Video of the Brand". Dmitry Krasilov, a well-known dancer, actor and participant of the show "Dancing" on TNT TV channel, took part in the promo video. The Jury awarded the video the second place.

ANO "Moscow Sport" is rightfully proud of its projects and thanks the Award organizers for the high evaluation of the work that real sports fans put their efforts into every day.