Show within 60 seconds
The project «Show within 60 seconds» takes amateur sports in Moscow to a qualitatively new level and brings individual classes on outdoor sports grounds in parks as close as possible to classes with a personal trainer. In addition, the project promotes safe practicing of individual sports, which plays an important role during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The main task of the project is to show visitors of Moscow parks how to exercise at each element of a workout site.
Moscow walking

The «Moscow Walking» is a project that has developed interesting and informative routes for practicing Nordic walking. The main task of the project is to show our citizens that it is quite possible to practice this healthy sport in the conditions of a modern metropolis. Moreover, walking with sticks is a simple, effective and affordable way to keep oneself in good shape.
Your sport weekend

The «Sports Weekend» is a joint project of the Moscow City Department of Sports and the Centers of Public Services «My documents». Within the framework of the project anyone can practice sports for free under the guidance of professional coaches.

The «Sports Weekend» project has a good tradition when famous athletes, artists and TV presenters take part in trainings along with everyone else. Moreover, training sessions with the participation of star guests take place in the most unexpected and picturesque locations of Moscow, for example, on the roof of the Gorky Park or on the River Overlook Bridge in Zaryadye Park.